What is Matrix Supers?
Matrix Supers is a Text Ad Exchange with a 4x4 matrix attached to the Super JV membership upgrade. We offer advertising and commissions to all of our members.

What do I get for my monthly payment?
1. You get a position in our matrix. This position gives you the ability to earn up to $868 with re-entry. Fill your top level (4 members) personally or with spill over and your monthly subscription is paid for.

2. You get our top level membership monthly ad packages. Super JV members receive 6 Super Solos, 12 Solos, 3 Cash Solo Ads, 3 Login Ads w/250 Views, 2 Solo Footer Ad w/100 Guaranteed Clicks, 2 PTC Ad w/50 Views, 10 Banners and Buttons w/1000 views each. You also get 2 full page login ad with 100 views.

3. Super JV members earn 60% Commissions from all OTO, Special Offers, and Super Offers that any member you refer purchases. You also earn $10 commission for JV member upgrades that you sponsor.

You DO NOT earn extra commissions for SuperJV upgrades. Super JV can only be purchased as an upgrade. Your earnings for Super JV upgrade goes to your Matrix Income and is Monthly Residual.

How do I get paid?
You must have an active account with AlertPay to pay Matrix Supers and receive commissions.
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When do I get paid?
Commissions are paid upon request once your account has reached $10.00, you just need to put in a support request.

What is a forced matrix?
A forced matrix is a system where there is a limit to the number of referrals any affiliate can refer.

How can that be good? Well, there are multiple levels of affiliates and referrals. When a given affiliate has reached the maximum number of referrals they can refer, any "spillovers" will be placed as a referral for this affiliate's first referral. For example, if affiliates are allowed 4 referrals each and you, as one of the affiliates refers 5 other affiliates - Anna, Bob, Charlie, Dee and David. Anna, Bob, Dee and Charlie will be placed directly below you in level 1.

So what happens to David?
David will be placed as a referral made by Anna. Therefore David will be placed in your level 2. This method helps fill up the chain much faster and allows you to generate the most income from a larger range of referrals. Referrals that you generate for yourself and that are generated for you by the affiliate who referred you. Since you earn on each level of your matrix, by creating spill over, your referrals are much more likely to stay, and reap the rewards with you, month after month.

What happens if one of my referrals purchases an ad package, but they are in someone else's matrix?
You will earn commissions for all ad packages that your personally sponsored members purchase. This is another reason to get your affiliate link out there and not wait on spill over. It pays big time, to keep sponsoring new members.

I sponsored a Super JV member but didn't get the upgrade commissions?
Super JV members are Monthly Matrix members. The only way to earn from a Super JV upgrades is to be a Super JV member yourself. However you will earn commissions from any ad package your Super JV sponsored member purchases. 25% for Pro Members & 40% for JV members.

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